Words on the Land

Words on the Land

Words on the Land I

The sound of mist lifting. The sound of bark warming. The sound of a caterpillar wrapping around a stem of marsh grass. The sound of a frog leaping. The sound of a turtle slipping. The sound of a pine scale dropping to a midden in the duff. The sound of a phoebe calling—will someone answer him, please? The sound of a cloud passing. The sound of mosquitoes honing. The sound of a red damsel fly at rest on a white knee. The sound of dew falling. The sound of a moon rising. The sound of no words on the land.

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Short stories are often a welcome respite from the intense concentration of writing a book. They can feel like play, and sometimes they become the seed from which a longer work grows. You’ll find fiction and nonfiction are posted here: jottings from my writing past and raw excerpts from future publishings. To me, they are all stories—a word that encompasses events both real and imagined. I leave it to you to decide which are more true.


If a work has been previously published, you’ll find a credit and link at the end of the story.

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