Merilyn Simonds title: A New Leaf: Growing With My Garden


Praise for A New Leaf

Like stories passed friend to friend, these wise, funny, colourful pieces enrich our understanding of plants, landscapes and life. A book to grow by, and share.

quote by singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer

I certify Merilyn Simonds the Saint of Frugal Gardening, for her amazing and helpful skills with plants, other edibles, and people too.

awarded by Margaret Atwood from a Year of the Flood God's Gardener Scroll

Delightful, funny, wise. In the tradition of the best gardening books, A New Leaf inspires both experienced gardeners and those just beginning. A book for our times.

quote by Beth Powning, author of The Hatbox Letters and Edge Seasons

This shining book evolves as a gardener does, from hope to realism and back to hope—a by–your–beside companion, composed to seed our dreams.

quote by Molly Peacock, author of The Paper Garden

Through the natural cycle of a calendar year, Merilyn shows us how she, and all who put their hands in the soil, grow with our gardens. I love it!

quote by Ed Lawrence, gardening expert on CBC Radio's Ontario Today